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Fine and Dandy
It would be very sentimental to tell you everything in the world is fine; America is doing great; and individuals are having a time of their life. There comes a time when you need to deal with the reality at hand.

Whole Lot of Shaking Going on

There isn't an area of life that is not going through transformational changes. It doesn't matter what you think or how you feel about it. We, as a people have been very passive for many years.

During this time, people in high places have been frantically busy in reconfiguring societies, laws, reforming business structures, finances, policies, procedures and religions into systems very different than what most of us have been used to.

What made individual freedom and personal opportunity so successful are becoming historical artifacts.

The reason why most people don't see it happening is because it's been a very gradual paced movement. That's the strategy you use when you want to change the course and direction of others without them really noticing what's going on - slow and steady.

If You Snooze You Lose

Currently we have a small window of opportunity to slow down the fast paced changes in certain areas of life. While we still have some representation in politics, we must utilize this avenue to let our voices be heard.

Your voice does make a difference - don't bite into the lie that urges you to remain silent. Speak out and speak boldly. Let your politicians know your vote makes a difference at every election.

Rights - Privileges?
What Do You Prefer? 

If you value the ways of life that you've had in the past; defend them. If you basically roll over and play dead; your rights will soon follow your lead.

No one in their right mind would allow systems to alter and destroy their God Given Inalienable Rights. But that's exactly what's going on.

It's the eventual plan to make you feel you are graciously privileged to live on earth by the authority of simple human beings who are no different than yourself. 

Though they have a position that may be more highly regarded; shame on anyone who pawns off their God Given Rights because someone else said that's the way is should be. 

There isn't much to say to such a person. It seems there has been massive blood lost for freedom in vain for anyone that allows such contempt and disrespect to take place.  

What's Your Personal Value?

If we fail to properly protect and defend our rights, we will diminish to a society of limited privileges - it's just a matter of time. You will have to decide if the rights and dignity you have are worth defending for your own sake, the sake of your children, and for the sake of all your loved ones.

True Colors Eventually Show Up

Everyone's true colors will be revealed by the decisions they make. Time will tell how much individuals really did love their Rights, their children and grandchildren by the decisions they make on a day by day basis.

If we boldly take a stand or shamefully bow down to worldwide authority will certainly reveal what we are made of. 

It is a shameful day if we keep allowing governments and big businesses to use us for their doormats, and see us as nothing more than their private atm machines.

Consider the changes currently taking place. If it makes you sick and disgusted, which it should, what future do you think your children and grandchildren will have? Do you truly love them? Then boldly speak up while it still matters.   





To all those who have gone to any war, and to the ones they had to leave behind, take the songs at the link above to heart, and thank you. 


Thank you too, who stand up to those who want to do harm to others in our own neighborhoods and communities - especially those among us that can not stand up for thier selves.



For The True In Heart and Free In Mind,


There comes a time in a person's life
when you have to take a Stand for All that you Know is:


True, Right & Just!


If you Fail to do this,
other people Will make your Decisions for you!
Other people do Not know what is Important to you,
Nor do other people have your Best Interests in Mind,
much Less in Heart!


Take Your Stand!
The Rest of your life is Depending on it!
The ones you Love are Counting on you!


Don't settle for second rate citizenship.


Don't settle for a second rate life.


Step out with every worthy opportunity that comes your way without looking back.


Your children are counting on you to only make the
best and wisest decisions in your lifetime for their future.




It Is The Veteran


Thank you American Soldiers for what you do, here, and abroad












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