Why Are We Here For You?

We Defend The Freedom and Rights of Everyone Because It's The Right Thing To Do!

We Want To See You Shine As Does The Sun!

    We are a group of individuals who have watched:

  • our taxes climb to astronomical levels from spending that was unnecessary.
  • loved ones die prematurely.
  • inflation soar beyond pay increases because of politicians that failed to perform their assigned duties.
  • our dreams fade into a shadow.
  • our special activities vanish because of out-of-control energy prices.
  • our goals lower beyond the horizon.
  • our family members leave for war and many of them not come back alive, or without body parts.
  • our days fill up with work and stress and anxiety.
  • ourselves age, without having much of a life outside of work and commitments.
  • our free time fade away into nothing.
  • the cost of living far exceed our income.
  • debt take control of our lives.
  • our children grow up with a very limited amount of time to spend with them.
  • our lives distance from family and friends because work has taken 40 - 75 hours of every week.
  • our families broken up because of an administration that follows an out-of-touch agenda.

We Also Decided Enough Is Enough.

We're Turning in our Doormat Mentality!

We're Taking Our Lives Back.

We're Taking a Stand and Demanding Constitutional Performance from our Politicians.  

And We Want Our Children To Have the Same Freedom, Rights and Opportunities that We Had!


  • We decided to work together to benefit one another who were also experiencing the same or similar circumstances. 

  • We decided to network with others to build a stronger stance in numbers and to produce a much more freer life.  

  • We also wanted to do things that would impact the world in great and tremendous ways and find alternatives for war.

  • We wanted to use all the combined talents and skills in which we have been so richly Blessed.

  • And we wanted to accomplish it before government got too far out of control. 

We Believe That Every Individual

Can Far Exceed Their Present Status

With Encouragement, A Little Assistance, And With Honest Information! Isn't it time to trash the deception? For us it is.


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